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Womens Sneakers W230 Matt Pink

Womens Sneakers W230 Matt Pink

$ 228.00

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Womens Sneakers W230 Matt Pink


- Made by hand in the SEOUL OF KOREA
- Outer Leather Italian M Company
- Lined With Italian M natural lining leather
- Outsole rubbersole
- Insole Arch Support Insole (korea)
- SIZE 215-265 mm (Womens)
Manufacturer MaisonMaseran Golf

핸드메이드 수제골프화
외피 이태리 M사의 천연가죽
내피 이태리 M사의 천연라이닝가죽
아웃솔 프리미엄퀄리티 러버솔
인솔 아치서포트인솔(korea)
사이즈 215-265 mm (Womens)
제조사 메종마셀란골프

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